Fear The Night is the culmination of many lessons learned, combined with continued rock-solid songwriting. Partner this with the world-class talents, and the impecable ear, of legendary, multi-platinum selling record  producer, Beau Hill. Again recorded in the band's now cutting edge studio, the mixing & mastering talents of Hill have created a rock-solid masterpeice guaranteed to compete along side any platinum artist. So far preliminary listenings of Fear The Night more than stands the test along side of fans' other favorite rock-metal artists. Fear The Night is certainly poised to put the band's mark on the rock-metal world in an impressive way.


Chains of Love was another important step in the band's progress. Again recorded in the band's own studio, newer state-of-the-art equipment and lessons learned from Black Garden provided for a powerful sophmore release. It was this CD that established the band's unique sound & style, and attracted the attention of the NCADV & famed producer Beau Hill. Chains of Love sold remarkably well in both CD sales & digiital downloads, and grew the band's loyal following to impressive numbers without having a major record label behind them. This set the stage for their most prolific, ass-kicking & soon-to-be-released recording yet - Fear The Night.

1985-2005 Favorites

Prior to Deaf Symphony, Larry was very fortunate to have worked with many other extremely talented musicians and singers. The below collection of songs are just a sample of his most favorite from the many that he had the great fortune to play drums on over the years. In the songs below you will hear world class vocalists like Robyn Kyle Basauri (Joshua, Jaguar, Die Happy, Red Sea), Jeff Scott Soto (Thunder, Yngwie Malmsteen, Journey, Axel Rudi Pell, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and Johnny Edwards (Northrup, Foreigner, Montrose, King Kobra). Also guitarists Neal Grusky (Thunder, Takara), Jeff Northrup (Northrup, King Kobra, XYZ), Joshua Perahia (Joshua, Jaguar), and of course current Deaf Symphony guitarist Howard Askeland (Tigershark).

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